Series 3250/51/52, 3240/41/42, 3220/21/22
Ribbed Steel

3250 25 Gauge, Uninsulated
3251 25 Gauge, Insulated w/ Vinyl Back
3252 25 Gauge, Insulated w/ Steel Back
3240 24 Gauge, Uninsulated
3241 24 Gauge, Insulated w/ Vinyl Back
3242 24 Gauge, Insulated w/ Steel Back
3220 20 Gauge, Uninsulated
3221 20 Gauge, Insulated w/ Vinyl Back
3222 20 Gauge, Insulated w/ Steel Back

Insulated models R-Value: 8.0

  • 2” thick sections constructed of pre-finished galvanized steel
  • Insulated models feature either heavy duty vinyl or 27 gauge steel backers
  • The steel characteristics and thickness used in models 3250/3251/3252 are equivalent to the "nominal 24 gauge" classification used by other manufacturers in the door industry
  • Box shaped stiles are riveted to the face of the section and are galvanized for additional corrosion protection
  • Tongue and groove meeting rails provide superior rail strength and weather resistance
  • Glass is available in 1/8" DSB, 1/8" Lexan, Insulated or 1/4" tempered glass
  • Glass is easily replaced or substituted by removing molded frames
  • Exhaust port is optional for bottom section
  • Swing-up center post system is optional for openings too large for a single door
  • Track options include 2” or 3” bracket or clip angle mount and designed to accommodate virtually any headroom design requirements
  • Heavy duty hardware may be specified with 11 or 14 gauge hinges and 10 ball rollers
  • Bottom U-shaped astragal in an aluminum retainer is standard
  • Increased windload requirements may be specified
  • All models are available in finishing coat of white. Additional sandstone, brown and gray finishes are available in models 3240/41/42 ONLY

For more information on optional features for Series 3250/51/52, 3240/41/42, 3220/21/22 Click here.

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